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Enjoy the comforts of a newly renovated office with the 16 years of experience Dr. Kristin Vike-Steinich has helping the body heal itself.

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What our customers write about us

 Vike-Steinich Chiropractic has done wonders for me with my neck and back issues. Dr. Kristin also helped me get through my first marathon and always makes sure I have the best experience possible. She is very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions I have.

  -Jill D.                   

Dr. Kristin has helped my Rheumatoid Arthritis in many ways. I am very greatful for the friendly staff and the opportunity to always get an appointment when I need one. She is very flexible with her hours. I always feel much better when I leave her office. 

    -Nicole F. 

I've been seeing Dr. Kristin for about three years now and she has always made me feel welcomed and well taken care of. She first helped me through my second pregnancy and made me feel more comfortable while pregnant. She has continued doing so ever since and is now doing wonders for my third pregnancy. She is the best!! 

    -Crystal C.​         

I would strongly recommend Dr. Kristin Vike-Steinich as a chiropractor. She is extremely knowledgeable and cares about each and every patient. Dr. Kristin has helped me in performing daily functions without pain. She has also helped from an athletic standpoint. I saw Dr. Kristin all through training for the Ironman and it made a world of difference. She will do whatever she can to fit you into her busy schedule if you need to see her.  

 -Jennifer M.       

Chiropractic changed the way I felt about my pregnancy! During my first pregnancy I did not see a chiropractor until 2 months after I delivered my son. My back and hips were still hurting so much that it felt like I was still 9 months pregnant! When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I had already established a great relationship with Dr. Kristin. I received regular adjustments which relieved most, if not all, of my back and hip pain. The constant heartburn and acid reflux I had experienced before was much more tolerable, because I was adjusted. I was also able to sleep longer and better at night. I enjoyed my second and third pregnancies more, because I felt great! I will be continuing with chiropractic for myself and my family throughout our lives. 

-Courtney A., mother of three

Recently I injured my knee, and every step I took I had excruciating pain. I knew I did not want injections shot into my knee, so I contacted Vike-Steinich Chiropractic. I spoke to Dr. Kristin, and she said she would meet me in her office. She came in after hours to meet with me. She assessed the situation, adjusted the knee, and sent me home with instructions to ice the knee. Within twelve hours I was walking with little to no pain. With the exception of the ice and adjustment no pain medication needed!! Within a week I was walking with no pain. She is a miracle worker!!! Dr. Kristin is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care and I feel very comfortable taking my children and having my husband go to her when they are in need of care. She is a very personable, kind, and caring individual. I have no qualms about referring people to her because I know they will be in the best of hands for any kind of care they need. She is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever seen!!! I cannot express enough the exceptional care my family and I receive from Dr. Kristin—she has become a very important person in our family!!! Thank you Dr. Kristin for being there for us whenever we need you, and you are ALWAYS there when we need you!!! You are truly a credit to your profession!!!!

 -Angela S.